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Når du vil overnatte ved foten av fjellet.

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Guide menu 2013
At Husbakken you are surrounded by beautiful nature. We know where to spot the eagle or the deer. We know where you will find wild berries. We know where the fish may bite. We know where you’ll be guaranteed to have a small lake all by yourselves. We know about great rocks to climb in solitude. And we can take you to the spots below, and make you familiar with the wilderness:

Husbakken is in the middle of the picture above.

The mountain lodge (altitude: 500 m)
Light 2 km walk on graveled road to the lodge and back.
Points of interest: cow and sheep grass land/summer pasture, several mountain lodges, the hydropower dam, get a basic orientation about the surrounding mountains and starting points for other walks.
45min – 1 hour

Husbakkelva (altitude 330 – 750)
A moderate walk up the Husbakken brook/creek to find it’s source.
Point’s of interest: different rock formations in a small canyon, clean and fresh drinkable water with the possibility of a quick bath. Great view. Old micro haybarn from the times when resources were scarce.
1,5 – 2 hours.

Klauva (altitude 847 m)
A moderate to strenous walk on graveled road, rocky path and terrain to the Klauva peak and viewpoint.
Points of interest: a fantastic view of the whole municipality of Jølster from the top.
2 – 2,5 hours

Nonsnipestøylen (altitude 650 m)
A moderate walk on graveled road to another alpine summer pasture area.
Points of interes: cow and sheep grass land/summer pasture, old ruins, a miraculously placed caravan, view to Botnavatnet, Brandsbotnen and the surrounding mountains.
1,5 – 2 hours

Nonsnipa (altitude 1193 m)
A strenous walk partly on graveled road, but mostly off path in alpine steep landscape to the top of one of the highest mountains around.
Points of interest: a panoramic view from the coast to the glaciers.
3 – 3,5 hours

Gjesdalsskaret (altitude 800 m)
A moderate walk to a mountain pass on graveled road and off path, partly in marsh.
Points of interest: The destination is a mountain pass between high mountains. From the pass there is a nice view to a lake and a valley on the other side.
1,5 – 2,5 hours

Botnavatnet and Gamlestøylen(altitude 560 m)
A light walk on graveled road, some marsh and path past an old alpine summer pasture area with ruins, to a small fishing lake (trout).
Points of interest: birch forest packed with blueberries and cranberries during season, fishing spots in river and by the lake, nice stone table for a picnic.
1,5 – 2 hours

Brandsbotnen  (altidude 850 m)
A moderate to strenuous walk mostly off path to a closed alpine valley with huge rocks.
Points of interest: some waterfalls, massive view to the surrounding mountains, passing bottom of 400 meter high cliff, a fairytale landscape with huge rocks.
3 – 4 hours

Gjerlandsisvatnet (altitude 934)
A strenous walk mostly off path through a mountain pass and downhill to the Gjerlandsisvatnet, which means something like icy lake.
Points of interest: coming through the mountain pass is a revelation, when facing the icy, steely reflecting surface of the lake. A feeling of coming to a different world.
3 – 4 hours

Kvitefjellet (altitude 1428)
A strenous full day walk to the highest mountain in the Husbakken surroundings.
Point of interest: Passing Botnavatnet, Brandsbotnen and walking the rigde above Gjerlandsisvatnet towards the top, is truly a hike full of breathtaking view’s. The vegetation is very reduced and alpine from around 1100-1300 meter’s above sea level, but some hardy plant’s manage to survive the strong winters. Mostly rock’s in 360 degree horizon with a feeling of being on top of the world.
6 – 8 hours

All guided trips starts at Husbakken, altitude 300 m.
The longest walks includes up to several of the shorter ones.
Please order in advance.

500 NKr for trips up to two hours, 150 NKr pr full hour added.
Warm meal on the top: 150 NKr pr person.

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